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Mr.G.V. Avadhani a Double post graduate in Mathematics (M.Sc.,) and Business Administration (MBA), Bachelor of Education (B.Ed.,) and has a Software exposure -GNIIT from NIIT. He has nearly 12 years of Teaching experience in Mathematics in India and Abroad, worked for various corporate schools and Colleges. He has experience in giving coaching for students off line as well as on-line.

He is an expert in:

  • Teaching Mathematics till XII grade.
  • Curriculum development for various classes and competitive exam Quantitative Aptitude tests
  • Conducting Personality Development classes which comes under Training & Development
  • Career Guidance & counseling for students at different levels
  • Passion towards Vedic Mathematics
  • Conducting the workshops for motivating the teachers and Admin staff of various schools

He feels passionate about developing conceptual knowledge in the students and thus helping in their overall development.



2. Mrs. Santhisri Dantu worked as a Mathematics Faculty for 18 years and have experience in various fields related to Mathematics. She also did Diploma in Multimedia from Esteem Infosys, Hyderabad. Her objective is to proactively explore the newness in the obvious and to bring in the innovativeness in ideas through leveraging Information Technology in order to develop solutions to bring a revolution in education.
Being an expert in e-learning and the subject her valuable data and suggestions have helped us provide you the best. Her willingness to teach in any mode and any time is very admirable and is a boon to the students.