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Our core team of BIOSOUL who are driving the company forward, comprises of professionals who have experience of over 20 years in software development, web design and business consulting. They bring together a rare mix of talent and expertise in all three functionally different disciplines. Hence it uniquely positions the company to offer a wide range of expert services and solutions in custom web designing including flash presentations, corporate logo designing, CD presentation, e-commerce website design, website development, offshore software development and internet marketing.
  • ERP Services

    • HRMS & Payroll Management Systems
    • Inventory Control System
    • Financial/Accounting System
    • Production and Purchase System
    • Sales System
    • Cloud Based Applications


  • Web Services

    • Game Applications
    • Web Development
    • Ecommerce Applications
    • Web Hosting
    • Domain Registration

About This Website

Main Aim of this exaams.in website is to help students take computer based tests online and get awareness to the future online based test and learn their subject at the same time in a fun way.

The website will feature individual and school login. The individual will be able to login and take tests from required chapter or chapters and attend the test. He will have a tutorial option which will enable him to study online.

The school login will have an admin login, teacher logins and student logins. This will enable teachers to give exams to students at schools for their assaignment and the reports are directly entered into the progress report. The teacher will be able to enter questions manually and also can select from the available question bank. The selection could be manual or automatic.