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Why Exaams?
Exaams is being used by students national wide to excel in their studies.
By partnering with Exaams, students across the nation have gained expertise on all the subjects, interested to learn more and are confident to take exams.
Our unique approach will make your learning fun and paper free

Explore our resource bank
Most extensive resource library including video based tutorials are accessible at your fingertips for AP State Board, Central Board of Secondary Education and Indian Certificate for Secondary Education
Professional at work
Examinations are developed, validated and reviewed by professionals in each area being given.

Type of tests
No more monotonous type of tests, we are offering video based tests while learning. Regular Fill in the blanks, Multiple Choice questions, CC based tests are available as well.

Test your learning Since exaams tests are online, we can provide high-quality examinations which can be taken any time, anywhere online

Reports availability Exaams offers a huge number of tests for students and to keep a track of the results of examinations taken, students can log in to view the exams and also review their answer sheet any time.

Value Adds Wait its not over yet, we are offering guidance to soft skills, career guidance, experts advice and much more.

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